How to make a Low Poly AK47 (Part 2 - Animation)

Animating a gun in Blender is actually pretty easy. There are a few moving components (all of them mechanical, so they move uniformly most of the time) and no special rigs required in this case. My animation took a total of 5 frames, in which I packed:

  • The bolt sliding back (Linear translation)
  • The weapon recoil (Small, mirrored rotation along one major axis and linear translation)
  • Muzzle Flare (A simple, 3 frame scaling project)
  • Muzzle Flare lighting (Animated emission from a pointlamp)
  • Camera movement (Small camera shakes, made by tracking and parenting the camera so it mirrors the recoil)

And some other effects alongside it:

  • Animation of the floor grid (A simple effect where they move perpendicularly, and very slowly)
  • Weapon “inspect” (Simple rotations showing off the different angles)
  • Camera panning (Simple movements for the camera, still tracked to the gun)

Breakdown Video

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