The Best 3 Ingredient Sweet Iced Tea

Alright, here’s my first recipe tutorial. It’s a bit of a diversion from my usual content but hopefully you find this helpful.

This sweet iced tea recipe requires minimal effort, costs almost nothing to make, and is easily scalable.

You’ll need a glass mason jar (500 ml), some black tea bags or loose black tea, sugar and water.

First, add about 3 spoonfuls of sugar to the jar.

Then, put in the tea. I add two black tea bags, though something like Earl Grey would work too.

Fill the mason jar with water. I don’t have ice, so it’s not technically iced tea, but close enough. An easy way to dissolve the sugar is to add only a little bit of water (quarter filled) and then shake vigorously with the lid on. Once the sugar is dissolved, fill the jar up to the top. Don’t worry if there’s still a bit of undissolved sugar, it really doesn’t matter.

Leave it in the fridge for 8 hours or more to chill and steep. I usually do this overnight, and you can potentially leave the tea for a few days, though probably no more than five. As such, you could prep a few portions of this tea in advance.

Super Efficient Cold Brew

servings: 1 |preptime: 1 minute | cooktime: 0 | rating: ★★★★★ |

A super simple, super fast way of making lots of cold brew tea with minimal cleanup and scalability.

Remark: Designed after lots of experimentation and too many jars.

Ingredients - 2 black tea bags - 1 tbsp of brown or white sugar - 500 ml of water (For a 500 ml mason jar)

Directions 1. Add the sugar and tea to the jar. All of it. 2. 2. Fill the jar a quarter way full with cold water, and shake or swirl so everything is kinda dissolved. Make sure the lid is on firmly. 3. Fill the jar up to the top with some more water. 4. Leave in the fridge overnight, or up to 4 days. Decant when ready to serve. The jars can just be rinsed out once done.

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