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I write detailed guides on art, game development and programming to become a better storyteller, and to help you tell your own stories on the way.

You'll find the projects I'm working on here and detailed devlogs for each of them, as well as tutorials covering basic electronics, studying, cooking, or whatever I'm interested in at the moment.

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An arena combat roguelite where you play a nanobot that can ride the copper traces and use various electronic components and ICs to survive and upgrade.


  • Fight in gladatorial combat against hostile antiviruses
  • Build traps with common electronic components like capacitors and diodes
  • Build advanced integrated circuit towers to assist you in combat
  • Collect BYTES from destroyed enemies to upgrade your bot
  • Tactically shoot your way through 9 levels of increasingly complex circuit boards
  • Annihilate powerful bosses
  • Upgrade your skill tree to specialize in areas of combat
  • Select from four playable classes
  • Destroy enemy control points for EXP and board control

Development Logs

Writing a Game Design Document for Trac3 | 26 Feb 2020