How to make an Arcade Machine

Arcade machines are one of the greatest relics of video game history, and today’s tutorial will show you how to model, texture, and light a 3D arcade machine cabinet with Blender 2.8. This is a beginner to intermediate Blender tutorial that gives a general overview of a lot of different techniques when 3D modelling.



Learn how to:

  1. Block out a model
  2. Select and configure common modifiers for 3D modelling
  3. Make and control edge loops
  4. Use the grid fill tool
  5. Differentiate between instancing and duplicating objects, and the uses
  6. Apply materials to objects
  7. Light a scene effectively
  8. Setup simple volumetrics
  9. Local and global translations
  10. Setup freestyle
  11. Apply quick effects to the final render


Hey guys, so I’ve just started my first year at the University of Toronto in the computer engineering program, so I’ll be pretty busy over the next year. I’m going to try my best to keep up with the weekly uploads on Friday, and maybe post a bit about life on campus, but I’m not sure if I can do it, so I’ll take it back to once every two weeks like before if this gets to be too much.

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