Check out my Unity tutorials here!

You'll find a few tutorials here about some things I've learned while using the Unity5 game engine.
These aren't as popular as my Blender content, so there's not nearly as many, but hopefully you find them useful!

An Intro to Graphs For Procedural World Generation
A gentle intro to Graph Theory and Pathfinding, from the lens of Game Design for procedural world generation.
Isometric Games - Art, Code and Maths
On the difficulties and benefits of working in a simulated isometric perspective.
How to Make Damage Text Popups in Unity
Learn to make damage numbers or damage text popups appear in Unity with TextMeshPro and Unity animations, or with an advanced procedural technique.
A Guide to Lazy Progress/Healthbars in Unity
Learn to make a delayed, darksouls style healtbar for some extra gamefeel using some simple C# code.
Setting up Git and Unity (Workflow Guide)
Create a setup for integrating Git and Unity with this simple project, starting off by setting up Git and going over the entire workflow.
The Ultimate Guide to Custom Cursors in Unity
Learn to make a custom crosshair that follows your mouse in Unity in this short tutorial, and understand the math involved as well as how to effectively use the Unity Scripting Docs.